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Marruecos | My Surf Coach

Our goal with this trip was clear, to make a true team meeting with our athletes, enhancing every aspect of a true surf trip as the motivation of the grou, the environment, the culture and the quality of the waves. The surfers who accompanied us on this adventure were: Nacho Guisasola, Edoardo Papa, Matteo Calatri, Francesco Lazzarini, Lucas Mir, Alberto Estevez and Mikele Beato.

At this time of year Morocco is a very constant destination, with very good wave quality and many options. You are also in Africa, with all that this implies as well a real travel. On the other hand, Triangulo Surf Morocco bet on our initiative and we were welcomed as a family. We wanted to see the group motivated, looking for variety and quality of waves, motivating each other and giving everything in the water.

The main focus was to prepare each session to give the maximum and recover in the same time; surf, eat, sleep & repeat. The trip challenged us as well, the cultural change in culture and perspective is heavy, but it was part of what we were looking for. This experience that it has meant for the group in general has been incredible and the objective of sharing a pure surf trip with our kids was fully fulfilled. We did not skimp on kilometers, surfing a variety of waves and conditions, it suited us well!

We want to find a balance between our formative and educational identity from a sports perspective as a project and the essence and culture of surfing. These energy shots not only increase the surf level of the guys, encouraging their improvement, but they drove many other needs that are a fundamental part of the process.