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“Mont Blanc” – a summer adventure

Summer is when a lot of people just think about wasting time on a beach, drinking “spritz” or some other fancy beverage, posing as hard as possible. For us this kind of stuff falls into two categories: #YourAperitiveStinks and #OffSeasonIsForEmptySouls.

We don’t care too much about those people, as we don’t have time left to waste.

For the ones who find their inspiration in exploring mountains, summer is the right time to try to conquer some of the highest peaks around. And this is what this story is all about: a group of friends on their way up to the Mont Blanc.

One friend, Federico, tested our snowboard socks during the winter time, and he wanted them to come with him as well in this adventure. To test them on the long way to the top of the mountain.

Just to tell you more about this adventure they picked the Trois Monts way. After leaving their hometown on July the 11th and reached Chamonix, where the gondola up to the Plan de L’Aguille was taken. A good night of rest was spent at the alpine refuge there.

The following morning, July 12th, the group reached the Aguille du Midi, from where, well equipped, they continued until the Refuge des Cosmiques.

At 2am of the 13th July, the journey to the top of the Mont Blanc started, passing trough the Mont Blanc du Tacul, then Mont Maudit and then finally the Mont Blanc itself.

Of the group of seven, four reached the top, as the other three had to stop some hundred meters before. 

All those friends are normal persons, with a daily job, but share a true passion for something and values. We at Overfront truly believe in those things and it’s a pleasure for us to share this story.


The team with a dream

  • Paolo Spallino 
  • Chiara Marzola
  • Silvia Olivieri
  • Andrea Zanisi
  • Flavio Gianesello
  • Roberto Bettin
  • Federico Fortuna
  • Francesco Fontana