Let’s start saying something: progress should be a great thing. I have written “should” as it seems that the progress in technology is leading to a regress in society.

Internet and mobile phones are two incredible tools, that allow us to comunicate, share, study, innovate, grow… but the dark side of them is for, a lot of people, probably way deeper than the bright side.

The use of the Internet is different on a personal computer than on a mobile phone: the location where you can surf is different, probably in your house or sit somewhere while traveling. However is more complex, is less easy and probably we put more attention on what we are looking at when surfing from a pc.

When you use internet on a mobile phone everything changes. It may be for work for sure, for checking or sending an email, but let’s say it all: it’s more for checking compulsively social networks, chatting on WhatsApp, loosing time scrolling down Instagram with no real goal.

And so on, and that’s how a dinner with friends, or even on the chairlifts… people spending time watching something on a screen or pretending to build relations with persons miles away from where they are.

Just swiping, and you can change your reality. You wish… Reality will not change unless you change it.

Fake reality is out of there, it’s our duty as true humans to bring things back in the right way.

Stop loosing time, use tools to make your life better and not to be a slave of whatever.

Look for inspirations not for stupid things only good to waste your limited time on this planet.

Start with your next dinner or car trip with a friend. Park your mobile phone somewhere, just leave the ringtones for calls. Shoot pictures for sure (one of the greatest things you can do with a mobile phone in my opinion), but remember to live the moment and the reality first.

Just my point of view, and the clip by Moby & The Void Pacific Choir shows it all.

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